90 days. According to recent research[1] on workforce trends that’s the average number days your organization has before a new hire makes a decision – to stay (or leave) a new job.

Other onboarding points of view say it happens much sooner – during the first days of a new hire’s experience. Early interactions become the context of how they form meaning and come to know your company’s culture.

Yes, competition for talent is high. However, if your organization focuses all its efforts on talent acquisition you’re missing out on a key strategic advantage: The opportunity to invest in growing and keeping your talent. Where’s the proof point? According to a Deloitte survey[2] the number one reason people quit their jobs is because of the “inability to learn and grow.”

Are you paying enough attention to talent trends? Here are 3 areas to pay attention to: 

  • Onboarding: Once new team members join the team, is there a plan and/or process in place to support them?
  • Learning: Are you providing opportunities to help your entire team grow, as individuals and collectively? What about your high performers? 1:1 Coaching advances their growth and passion to perform.
  • Recognition: Are there opportunities for shared purpose, to build on your team’s collective experience, to create a meaningful, exceptional culture?

We’ve always said the companies with the best talent win. The current “war for great talent” serves to underscore our belief. Recruiting, onboarding and providing high-potential learning and coaching opportunities will remain high priorities for leaders. Doing the work, now, puts you miles ahead of the competition. Let’s partner to address the gaps and adjust your talent strategy. Reach out to us.

[1] Silkroad

[2] Deloitte Insights, 2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends