Chances are, you’ve already made 50+ decisions from the time you’ve started your day to this moment — when you are reading your weekly email/post from us.

There is no shortage of things to make decisions about. We make hundreds, sometimes thousands, of choices in our everyday lives. Some choices are “easy-peasy,” and require little to no effort. While at other times, even the simple choices become more difficult and require more effort.

Difficult decisions require a deeper level of attention (or intention) and, yes, more time and patience. Let’s face it, for many among us, patience just isn’t our thing. Choosing to spring into action and move forward can feel more satisfying than other alternatives.

Learn how to make friends (or at least frenemies!) with time and patience. Letting things “age” provides clarity among many other additional benefits.

What decisions do you need to make this week?

Take this week to practice the pause — before you act. Can you try “sleeping on it” and then see what you want to do in the morning? Choose to embrace your choice to “let the dust settle” or check in and “listen using your 3 Centers before you act.” The results may surprise you. Essentially any level of self-awareness you bring to your decision-making process makes a difference!