Business has been good for many for a while now, and I love it. We’ve been enjoying good times. YAY! Even though we may be on the verge of a harsher business environment if the level of uncertainty continues to amp up, we are still optimistic since the seas appear manageable for now. Maybe – hopefully – the potential business storm on the horizon shall pass.

I’ve finished reviewing my clients’ sales and revenue projections and current pipelines. Plans are in place. Sales is on the line, again. Last year is history; today we have new, higher goals to hit. However, this year, many business owners seem to be wanting a measured growth approach.

There’s a lot of uncertainty looming, no matter what all those magical positive thinkers we love try to conjure as the future. But, there is a storm a’brewin, and that creates what I call a “field of fear” which will need to be navigated. That’s OK. We can handle it. We’ve been preparing.

#truth There has always been uncertainty, which we don’t usually acknowledge until it’s front and center. Our lagging business indicators (the actual revenue numbers) can’t be denied once they are in the past­ – and that’s a little late for a proactive approach.

This year, let’s stay awake, keep our eyes wide open, check in with our instincts, pay attention to what we are hearing from prospects and clients, and tap into the emotional intelligence of each moment.

#anothertruth The best salespeople win. It’s time to pay attention to your company’s business and sales blind spots, then master the challenges that continue to take you off course.

I’d like to make a request of the businesses I care about: pay attention and shore up existing business, really manage your pipeline, and further develop your people. If we do hit a squall, you’ll be ready. If we don’t, it will just be that much smoother sailing.

It’s very good news that many of us have been diligently learning the core skills needed to navigate the business and emotional seas. We have been practicing courage in our personal growth and development. We can have foresight while maintaining a sense of balance, staying buoyed, and doing more of the right things, no matter the business weather.

Yes, we are ready.

Onward, Mary Anne

And if you need some help charting your course, just let us know!