Poof. Just like that, Labor Day is over and summer 2018 “left the building.” Wait a minute. Let’s not say “goodbye” so quickly. You still have ample time to savor those last sweet drops of summertime before autumn officially arrives later this month. Go ahead, enjoy the weather and longer days. Make time to reflect and celebrate your personal “best of” moments of the summer. What activities became your “go to” priorities to help recharge? Exercise? Reading? Or, did you “opt out” to use your downtime to disconnect, step away and reconnect with yourself and people? Did you find yourself saying “no” more frequently to those things that you can live without? Jot down notes of what worked to remind yourself.

Regardless of how you spent the summer, most of us now find ourselves navigating that post-Labor Day, annual back to school survival frenzy. Do yourself a favor: Hit “pause.” Take a deep breath. Find a way to focus your energy on reestablishing the core routines and basic behaviors that support making performance and goals happen at both home and work.

If summer is all about “fun,” September serves to reminds us, we are all still students when it comes to mastering the ultimate balancing act of getting it all done.

Here’s a 1-2-3 step homework assignment.

Step one: Revisit and re-read Theresa’s post, from earlier this year. Master and use the right priorities to fuel growth. (Are you interested in earning some “extra credit” points? See the footnote* below.)

Next step: Reflect the valuable relationship of you vs. the clock. Check in with yourself. Do your “old school” planning methods still serve you or do could you use a tune-up?

Last step: Evaluate and consider how transformational coaching can enhance your learning curve. Transitions are a crucial time. Our coaching services help you uncover your own motivations, strengths and challenges to find new ways to meet personal and professional challenges.

In the meantime, we are curious. What are some of your favorite tips and tricks to help prep yourself, team and family to meet the demands of “Back to School” season? Reach out. Send us an email or post a comment on our Facebook page. We love hearing from you, first-hand, about tried-and-true methods you’ve found to meet the demands of the season.­­

*Extra Credit: The July/August edition (2018) Harvard Business Review featured a spotlight on “The Leader’s Calendar.” Two articles and an interview explored something we all face: how to master effective time management in an increasingly, complex, agile, dynamic and technology-driven world.