Got (Relevant) Growth?

April 17, 2018 Process Improvement

For companies to succeed, they need to focus on the critical components of profitability and growth. Every company, regardless of size and annual revenue, has its own unique path to optimize these factors. There are even some commonalities that all successful companies share.

Problems specific to midsize companies are not always visible or covered as “hot topics” in business publications or forums. Midsized companies can struggle to grow due to many challenges and factors such as: low tolerance for risk, few ways to develop talent, less strategic thinking and less seasoned talent.

In Mighty Midsized Companies Robert Sher pays special attention to growth challenges midsized companies face. He shares insights regarding how CEOs and other organizational leaders can protect their companies (or, build better options to avoid these particular challenges!). He also wrestles with what it takes to make a successful transition from small to midsized business. Using case studies, Sher writes passionately about ways leaders can become aware of these challenges and rally their management teams to overcome each of the silent killers.

Sher’s identifies seven silent growth killers:

  • Letting time slip-slide away
  • Strategy tinkering at the top
  • Reckless attempts at growth
  • Fumbled strategic acquisitions
  • Operational meltdowns
  • The liquidity crash
  • Tolerating dysfunctional leaders

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