Spring “sprung” last week. Well, more or less. This year, as the vernal equinox shifted on March 20th, many of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere said a fond “Adieu!” to winter and happily celebrated the transition to the first “official” day of a new season. And then, it snowed. Those of us who live in the heart of Mid-Atlantic region know, this time of the year typically delivers a few surprises that you can sort of count on. Things like bracket upsets and fickle weather patterns.

We all know folks who take great pleasure in faithfully filling out their NCAA basketball bracket picks, then who patiently settle in – to an annual immersive experience of three weeks of March Madness – watching hours upon hours of televised tournament basketball games (a 64-team tournament experience!) that spans the Sweet Sixteen, the Elite Eight, the Final Four all the way forward to the ultimate showdown: the National Championship game. Big upsets delivered by those unlikely underdogs can sometimes be just as thrilling as watching your favorite team win and advance “marching” towards the next round of the championship.

Meanwhile, for others, the month signals another opportunity: more time to be outdoors. We say, “Hello, Sunshine” as we welcome the seasonal antidote to winter – longer days. Spring means access to a direct dose of the “Sunshine vitamin” (Vitamin D) and warmer weather means we are more likely to get outside and move more often which has multiple health benefits. Those of us who garden rejoice and find ourselves spending time nurturing our seedlings, contemplating our annual garden plans and preparing for seasonal planting – once we know when to expect the last frost date. Knowing, weather predictions are based on averages and patterns – there are no certainties or guarantees.

As the saying goes, this month, “comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” March is an active, creative month; everywhere you look nature produces visual, dynamic and visceral changes demonstrating a commitment to growth. First, buds appear, then leaves and flowers show up on the trees. Leaves and stems arrive and then blooms are on display. New life appears, literally, in the form of birds and bees. March is a month full of energy and unpredictability that serves to remind us: things often can, will and do change from minute-to-minute without our permission. Nature serves as a powerful teacher and advisor for those who pay attention.

In the landscape of business, being nimble and able to quickly adapt to change is a strength and a real advantage in todays marketplace. Disruption provides opportunities – previously unforeseen access – which can be a game-changer for smaller and midsized companies during times of market unpredictability. So, who knows … Maybe the time spent watching basketball and understanding those last minute bracket upsets may become tomorrow’s “lessons learned” to help you adapt, adjust your leadership style and build a better team. Or, those days when it’s bright, clear and sunny one afternoon, then, before you know it, a blustery wind, heavy thunderstorm or (sigh) the last snow of the season arrives – could serve to help you see it is time to reshape ideas and hone your instincts resulting in better iterations of contingency plans and a reformed business strategy to accommodate for unexpected outcomes.

No matter what, for better or worse, seasonal change keeps us on our toes and reminds us there are still many forces and factors outside of our control. So, as we wrap up this month and our focus on exploring self-awareness, we are curious: How will you commit to continue to nurture and strengthen your own self-awareness during this season of literal growth and transformation?

Here are a few questions we found that might help to fuel your journey. Also, for those who opt for minimalism, Oprah boils it down to a simple, life-changing question: What do you want? As in, “What do you really want in your life? And where are you on the path toward what you really want?” Here at Transform, we love supporting your growth. In fact, we think you may find our latest book Transformational Tips: Mastering the Moments especially helpful material – right now, and in the months ahead, as you carve your own particular path. If you “picked up” a copy (Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble) and are doing your “work” let us know your reactions. Post and share your insights and reviews with the rest of the Transform Community on our Facebook or LinkedIn pages. Your reader reviews for the book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble are appreciated and help us grow our community – so thank you, in advance, for sharing your insights and helping to build our brand.

As always, thanks for reading! We appreciate your continued support and commitment to your own growth.


*You don’t. Really. You just keep doing the work!