The “Gift” of Rejection

February 13, 2017 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips

What “gift” have you received in your life? For this presenter, Jia Jiang, it was the fear of rejection. His quest to overcome the fear is an impressive story. If you have difficulty handling rejection, you’ll learn from to not just handle rejections but be empowered by them. Listen in and then come on back for a few questions to consider this week.

How about you? What “gift” have you received in your life? How has that gift influenced your life? How have you overcome or worked through them?

I’ll go first. All through my childhood, adolescence and into adulthood I stuttered. If you saw the film, The King’s Speech, I had that form of stuttering. My childhood was filled with such anxiety and embarrassment about having to speak that as I watched that movie, I relived those moments and feelings. When I was in 9th grade, my music teacher noticed that when I sang I didn’t stutter. He worked with me and gave me solo after solo and soon my confidence began to build and my determination to speak despite the anticipated fear and embarrassment that filled my inner world all those years, grew. I would never have predicted that I would be doing the public speaking and group trainings that I do at Transform. It truly was a “gift” and as Jia Jiang did, I faced squarely into it and was determined that I was going to overcome it.

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By Theresa Gale,