It’s an Inside-Out Approach that Really Works

February 8, 2010 Blog

By Mary Anne Wampler

While consulting and training in many organizations, I’ve noticed for some time now that leaders are understandably entrenched in “survival mode” – showing up every day truly believing that “if I, and my people, just work hard enough, things will turn around.” The truth is they are all working at full capacity. And, the stress is beginning to manifest in a host of ways.

While ‘doing’ is critical, what I’ve noticed is that leaders have placed all their attention on the external world, not on their ‘internal’ state of well being. Focusing on the external world, much of which we can’t control, creates a ‘fog’ of sorts that results in performing habitual acts that produce, at best, mediocre results. I’ve been through the”fog” recently myself. Thank goodness it has lifted!

What I know is that working from the ‘inside out’, that is, staying connected to what is important to me, doing what energizes me, and taking care of myself — body, mind and spirit — always produces better results.

Why is that? Because when you feel better and are focusing on doing things that energize you and are important to you, you are present to every moment and make the best of them.

When discussing my recent fog and what I’ve been observing with Theresa, she reminded me of the quote we created years ago, I couldn’t help but smile and agree – authentic leaders are those who embrace self discovery as a way of life! Choose it today and experience the difference!