The Enneagram and Living Your Life with Passion

April 29, 2009 Blog

Mary Anne recently facilitated a break-out session at the 23rd Annual Women’s Leadership Conference. What an incredible experience it was! 100+ women joined the session and learned a new technology, Brainwave Vibration, a simple, easy to do practice reduces stress, increases attention, releases stagnant energy, and channels healthy energy that can be focused on achieving what we want and truly desire. See link to short video demonstration of this technology.

The main focus of the talk was to help participants discover or re-discover their passion – what really drives them to do what they do – and so participants were asked to reflect on what their life would be like is they were living it with passion and then share with a partner their reflections. Not surprisingly, many women said they weren’t living with passion yet they could describe what it would be like if they were. Listen in as Mary Anne asks the audience to reflect on what it takes to live a life of passion.

Next Mary Anne introduced a 4-part model for living your life with passion (Listen in as Mary Anne introduces model to the group) and then she asked the audience to personally apply the model to their search for living a life with passion.

Last but not least the audience was asked to reflect on what gets in the way of living a life with passion. Mary Anne offered the Enneagram as a tool that helps uncover these barriers as well as reveals the resources and strengths we have that can support us in achieving what we desire most. Listen as she provides an overview of the Enneagram.

Living you life with passion is within your reach — take some time to reflect on what’s getting in your way and then go for it! What’s the alternative?