By Mary Anne Wampler
By serving others, you ultimately serve yourself.

Are you exhausted by budget curtailments and customer ambiguity — all the result of the current economy? Don’t slip into autopilot. The current business environment requires a new skill set that involves change.

Begin with the relationships you have with your customers — who, too, are very likely facing economy-created frustrations. Your customers are in need of someone who will truly act on their behalf. This requires genuine interest, open dialogue, sincerity and professionalism. In no way does this imply subservience. To the contrary, your customers and prospects are looking for a partnership that will yield results. By offering solutions, you will build strong customer relationships.

When a sales mentality is based solely on personal gain, the results are bound to be limited. By expanding your approach so as to truly respond to your customers’ needs, your results will be tenfold.

Change… it’s a good thing.