Enneagram and Personal Mastery

Work directly with your Enneagram type to live a more fulfilling life.

Simply put: the Enneagram is the most effective tool we’ve found for catalyzing personal and professional success.

So you know your Enneagram type.  Now what?  We’ll help you harness this framework to create the fulfilling life you deserve.

  • Start playing big.  Maximize your talents so you can leverage your talents and shine brighter doing what you love.
  • Navigate transitions, growing pains, and big life changes with greater ease and awareness.
  • Manage your emotional reactivity and honor yourself as you encounter sticky situations.
  • Learn how to have those tough conversations with heart, savvy, and finesse.
  • Drop into the deep truth of your own worth — and find big and subtle ways to express it.
  • Weave it all together: zoom out to the big picture of your life and take control of its direction.  Achieve self-actualization as you create the life you want and live it with gusto.


Don’t know your Enneagram type?  We’re also available for typing sessions to help you discover your type and get started on this life-changing path.

Call us today for a free 30-minute consult.  We’ll talk about where you’re at, where you want to go, and whether we’re the best people to lead you there.