We recently reviewed the 2022 State of the Global Workplace report from Gallup, which looks at the global and regional impact of select workplace and life factors on employees, their employers, and business as a whole. The results confirm what we know to be true — employees are stressed and engagement matters.

We invite you to read the report here. It’s a bit to digest, but it’s chock full of interesting data.

These global trends caught our attention:

  • As the pandemic raged on, global employees burned out.
  • Gallup found that 60% of people are detached at work and 19% are miserable. Employee stress levels are at record highs, and whether their stress is work-related or not, it affects them on the job. How engaged employees feel at work also impacts their life and sense of wellbeing outside of work.
  • Disengaged employees are significantly more likely than engaged employees to answer “yes” when asked if they felt stress, anger, sadness, or physical pain yesterday. At the same time, employees who are struggling with their wellbeing outside of the workplace are more likely to burn out even if they are engaged at work.
  • Employees’ engagement as well as their wellbeing beyond the workplace are business critical. The research shows that companies with more engaged employees have profits 23% higher than those with disengaged employees.
  • When employees are thriving, the workplace effects also are clear in improved safety, absenteeism, and turnover rates, and even in increased customer satisfaction.
  • While 45% of employees globally see now as good time to find a job, in the US and Canada, the number is 71% — up a staggering 44% from last year. Although the picture may have shifted slightly since this data was collected in 2021, it’s still an employees’ market.
  • The data show that the quality of their leadership is by far the factor that most influences whether employees are unhappy and disengaged. Better leadership = happier and more engaged employees.

Has global translated to local in your world?

At Transform, we have helped our clients successfully navigate this terrain for over twenty-five years. The leaders we work with have long been focused on employee engagement and on working hard to create cultures that effectively mitigate these trends.

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