During the month of July we have discussed a wide array of topics. We discussed the Enneagram and Somatic Experiencing as well as developing empathy in your workplace and interviewing tips. Join us in revisiting these tips and let us know what you want to learn more about in the future!



The Enneagram and Somatic Experiencing

As many of you know, Transform has been working with the Somatic—or more embodied—side of the transformational equation for years. We are fascinated by what we believe this type of work has to offer in terms of integration, healing, and the possibility of growth.

Personally, we’ve found a description of the Somatic work difficult to put into words since it’s very experiential, so we asked our Somatic coach and friend, Kerry, to explain it specifically to our Enneagram clients and friends.




The Empathy Equation

Of all the contributors to team member satisfaction, the ability of a manager to communicate effectively with an employee is at the top of the list. This week, we invited you to reflect on how you can incorporate more empathy into your workplace.




Interviews and Discovery

Over the years we have been asked, “How do you discover the ‘real’ person during an interview?” We thought we’d share some of our interviewing questions that uncover attitudes, beliefs, motivation and predictive behaviors during an interview.