If your team’s plan for growth doesn’t include a clear call for action, that deeply resonates with them, it’s likely to signal a need for you to hit “pause,” tune in, listen more, then turn these conversations into action items. That is, if you are willing to potentially adapt the plan.

Why? Collaboration – shaped by authentic, empowered, engaged employees – improves performance outcomes. It also ensures you can build on successes and make it safe to try out new ideas and approaches until the team finds a collective way to productive solve problems. Simple, huh? Not so fast. Collaboration is always a work in progress, it is not a final destination.

James Clear writes about habits and human potential. According to him, a central question he tries to answer is: “How can we live better?” What’s his “clear” advice (pun, intended!) when it comes to deciding which direction to go with your life? “Try things until something comes easily.” He says, “… the best way to change the world is in concentric circles: start with yourself and work your way out from there.”

This week, accept our challenge, start with yourself. Ask and explore these questions:

  • Have you set the stage? How?
  • Do top performers and all team members, across your organization, know how to achieve your call to action?
  • Are they invested in achieving the vision?

Then, if you are brave and want to keep growing, work the habit. Focus on working your way out, in concentric circles, as Clear suggests. The result? You’ll improve you and likely the way your business does business.

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