Deciding to form like-minded strategic business partnerships makes sense. Collaborating provides additional avenues to scale your business, build your brand reputation, get access to a broader audience, and help increase market share.

Knowing who, how and when to join forces is a key factor to make any growing company successful. Some business leaders approach big decision-making moments using a favorite, familiar framework. Others like decision-making models or checklists provide a lens to evaluate if the “right” elements are in place. Tools and resources for those techniques are readily available (Thanks, Google Search!).

We challenge you to get creative. Develop a roadmap to explore the possibilities. What does the journey of “teaming up” offer, in terms of an opportunity to think, work and deliver differently?

Will a strategic partnership …

  • Provide opportunities to challenge and grow different skills and competencies?
  • Result in knowledge sharing in the form of new ideas, perspectives and approaches?
  • Create an innovative situation to help improve the way you do business?
  • Deliver a transformed customer experience?

Perhaps, one of the best questions to ask and explore is:

Will your customers be happier with the final result?

As you consider developing this roadmap include items that show how forming a strategic partnership provide critical pathways to delight and serve “more and better” to your customers.

Share the journey. Lead a team brainstorm session to uncover other positive outcomes from their perspective which could lead to an important “why” regarding collaborative power. After all, everyone will be sharing the “road trip” together if there is a strategic collaboration with another business..

Would you prefer to test and discuss a partnership idea before you approach another business leader? Let’s set time to talk.