“All organizations need one core competency: innovation.”


Big ideas have always been at the core of changing how the world works and lives. We live in a time when people who have new ideas – and understand how to eliminate challenges, limitations and barriers – can launch their ideas, products and services directly to consumers in the marketplace. Today, companies compete, side-by-side, against other known industry rivals as well as consultants, entrepreneurs, start-ups and a whole host of other “disrupters” and types of business in a more complex, competitive business landscape.

Last week’s post explored how to cultivate and kick-start 2018 with an innovative, growth mindset. Now let’s focus on the need for established businesses to look inward to spot and nurture your organization’s intrapreneurs – individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset – people who already work within your company.

The bottom line? Invite input from internal stakeholders to help the organization break through to the next level of growth. Take the time to teach your employees to think like Drucker. Demystify innovation to empower teams to explore what is required to achieve innovation. Why? Innovative thinking is teachable and it is core business strategy needed to maintain a competitive advantage and ensure sustainability of your company. In 2012, a study concluded there was a positive relationship between the performance of the company and the number of intrapreneurial individuals within it.

Here is a curated list of resources to help you explore and introduce some big ideas regarding the topic of innovation to your organization:

Perhaps your organization’s management team further along in the innovation conversation? Check out these resources:

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