“Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex.”


Can you recall the last time you paused to share a genuine moment of deep appreciation with a member of your organization? A heartfelt moment to thank them for their efforts and contributions. Was it last week or sometime in the last month? Maybe, if you keep things honest, it was so long ago that you are too embarrassed to answer and would literally prefer we change this conversation? Please keep reading.

First, let’s get this piece on the table: Showing gratitude is a very different topic from a sharing performance feedback or a formalizing a workplace recognition program. It doesn’t take a genius to realize the essential and simple truth: your people know the difference. Why? Because gratitude is absolutely free and when it is genuine its true value is priceless.

Several years ago workplace culture and employee engagement were regarded as the touchy-feely, “nice to have” topics on the management team’s strategy wish list (if they made the list at all!). Or these topics were those Big Idea Keynote presentations that national speakers shared during the “future trends” portion of annual professional conferences. You sat in the audience and hoped for a roll-out at your workplace one day. Fast forward. Your wish came true! Now, regardless of the industry, size, or type its getting tough to find an organization that is ignoring the “consequences of culture conversation” to chance. You know the vital connection that exists between your people, your brand promise and how the organization delivers an exceptional customer experience.

Not convinced yet? Personality assessment professional Robert Hogan states the business case for the bottom line impact with this message: “No matter how talented people might be, if their values are inconsistent with the culture of their organization, they will not succeed.” Let that sink in. Turns out alignment is the new hustle.

Leaders deliver. Ultimately, organizational culture is a reflection of the values of an aligned leadership team. Is it time for your team to pivot? Are you ready to elevate the conversation with your managers to help them rise to power of gratitude for a “people first” strategy? Here’s a 5-minute read on the power of gratitude by David Horsager, published in Forbes article back in 2012. “Skimable” content always feels nice however, you could be looking for more breath and depth. If so, dive in to three top picks:

Ready to do the work? Here at Transform, our passion and purpose remains the same since day one. We love helping leaders and teams shift and grow to meet market challenges. If you need help translating your “people first” vision into actionable behaviors for your entire team send us an email. Let’s explore how we can work together to help you build and deliver a culture that drives business results in 2018.