How to Take Gratitude to the Next Level

November 27, 2017 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips

There’s no doubt about it: gratitude has a powerful ripple effect in our individual lives and relationships with those who receive our positive words and actions. Turns out, with focus and intention, expanding gratitude is another habit we can nurture and cultivate.

It’s getting to be that time of year; Can you feel it? ‘Tis the season for us to reflect and feel nostalgic. During the holidays we often express gratitude to our friends, family, customers and co-workers more frequently. Chalk it up to seasonal peaks we experience – you know those cues, milestones and all things remembered – as we gather at annual celebrations which can serve to nudge us and evoke gratitude.

How is your team working together to communicate gratitude to ensure your business stands out from the competition in a crowded, noisy marketplace? Extending gratitude to customers is no longer just a seasonal occasion – it’s a become a year-round strategic imperative. A rise in frequency of customer interactions in public platforms – via social media, review sites, and beyond – has served to signal the old mantra (“the customer is always right”) is being eclipsed and exchanged with a new mantra (delight else expect to become obsolete).

As leaders focus on finalizing plans for 2018, in the age of Total Experience Management (TEM), customer service is having a moment. Successfully crafting customer interactions that meet rising customer expectations is a real competitive advantage. Winning customer loyalty, based on differentiation and delivering exceptional interactions between customers and companies, ultimately translates into a team’s ability to execute top customer experience (CX) trends. The evolution of these trends defines market Winners or Losers.

Better customer experiences are directly tied to an “all in” attitude from across the entire organization. Alignment and collaboration are critical elements to delivering extraordinary customer experiences. You know what we know: now, more than ever, employee experience and an authentic culture of gratitude shows up in the bottom line. Why? Thankful companies tend be successful companies.

Are you ready to take customer service to the next level by transforming your client experience journey? Here at Transform, our passion is helping leaders advance their vision by connecting strategy into actionable goals for your team. Reach out to us. Let’s explore how we can work together to create the conversations to build momentum for a winning strategy in 2018.

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