It’s Getting Hot in Here

July 17, 2017 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips

A sweltering day in mid-July can sometimes result in one simple wish – for the delivery of a refreshing summer breeze. During the summer, health and fitness professionals share advice on avoiding and/or decreasing the risk of adverse heat-related injuries when we exercise outdoors. They raise our awareness on how environmental factors, such as heat, humidity, pollution and altitude, can contribute to raising our heart rate. We hear: “Exercise in the cooler parts of the day … Gradually increase exposure to high heat and humidity to safely acclimatize … Hydrate before, during, and after exercise.” Preventing heat related problems, and avoiding stress and possible injuries when temperatures rise, is a better approach than needing to treat the problem after it has occurred if precautions are not taken.

Did you know you can live three weeks without food, three days without water and only three minutes without air? Survival experts call it “the Rule of Threes.” That’s right, hit “Pause” and let that last piece sink in for a minute. Then read our friend Peter O’Hanrahan’s recent post about Conscious Breathing Practices for the Nine Types.

Essentially, we offer these breathing practices and techniques to help shed new light regarding how vital it is for you to stop, pay attention and consciously master the art of type-specific breathing practice. So, this summer, instead of waiting for that breeze to show up – why not create your own breeze? We encourage you to make time for yourself, get centered, take action and actively practice and create your own delicious breath of fresh air!