The Power of Moms

May 8, 2017 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips

Mother’s Day is upon us, and I’m thinking about the many moms I’ve worked with over the years. I’ve seen their struggles and triumphs, both in the workplace and with their kids. Quite frankly, they inspire me with their ability to get business done while wondering what’s for dinner tonight and what about day care for tomorrow.

In my view, motherhood has made these women stronger employees and leaders. I’ve seen their decision-making abilities sharpen as they help their children with theirs. I’ve seen their compassion, teamwork and self-awareness increase tenfold as they navigate motherhood. Seriously, who can sort out multiple priorities better than a mother?

These women also make the work world a better place with their “Mom” perspective. That’s the one that can be tough as nails while at the same time considering the whole person, not just their value to the bottom line. Evidently, seeing yourself through your child’s eyes makes you want to be a better person, and we can all learn from that.

I’ve also been lucky enough to watch these moms’ children grow into amazing adults. I know these “millennials” are going to change the world, in part, because of the unconditional love from their moms and the examples their moms have embodied for them. Yes, it’s good for the soul to work, it’s exciting to be passionate about success, and yes it’s good to be driven to achievement.

The balancing act required of working moms is daunting, but their ability to combine work and motherhood benefits everyone. Despite the sometimes hard days, studies show that overall the moms themselves are generally happier and more self-confident than those who don’t work. The kids I know who have working moms are rewarded with life and business skills and perspective that will serve them oh so well, and the companies these moms work for profit from their hard-earned skills.

This week make sure to take a moment to notice and celebrate the gifts moms bring to your workplace.

By Mary Anne Wampler,