1. firm determination to do something.
“she received information that strengthened her resolve”
synonyms: decision, resolution, commitment

So here we are again — at the end of one year and getting ready to plan for the next.

I’m about to take my annual winter break. My birthday is December 23rd, so allowing myself to take a break feels like a present I give myself. I seriously go off the grid, take time for self-reflection, dream, play, and then set my goals and intentions for 2017 near the end of my break.

This year I am filled with gratitude for a wonderful 2016. I am full of hope for a bright future, and hope you are, too. I am reminded that my vision for the future is something I help manifest through my end-of-year visioning process. (Yes, I do use the Transform Process!) I love the envisioning part of the process. It’s heartfelt, creative, exciting and inspiring.

The next part of sticking with my goals seems to be a little more difficult. Keeping up enough resolve to make things happen over time can be challenging for me, as I know it can be for many. My personal experience shows that my resolve ebbs and flows throughout the year based on both external demands and how I am feeling energetically and emotionally. This year I’m going to be keenly aware that resolve is necessary for achievement of my dreams…. This year I promise myself to not have guilt about what should — or shouldn’t be — on my goal list. The big change I’m committing to is that this year I will only set those goals where I believe I’ll have enough resolve to sustain my focus and enthusiasm to make them happen.

I’ll fill you in on how it unfolds.

By Mary Anne Wampler,