Life slows a bit in summer, but now that summer is over, vacation memories are quickly fading. Kids have taken their seats at their school desks, and there’s a lot on our minds as we sit at our own desks.

We know it’s time to clear the clutter from our desks and our minds and focus on finishing the year in a strong position. Now – not later – is the time to fully engage ourselves in the business of achievement.

Hopefully, we are renewed, refreshed, and ready to bring our best selves to each and every day. Hopefully, we are motivated and excited about each and every task that is in front of us. Sound like a tall order, out of reach, and not quite your reality? Well, some days it is a very tall order, and some days we achieve more than we could ever imagine.

My advice for how to bring our best selves is simple and not always easy – go with the flow. Stop beating yourself up for the days that get away from you. It’s of no help whatsoever.

What is helpful is to include activities in your weekly calendar that magnify your energy levels. Perhaps for you that might be a brisk walk with your dog, working on that one project that totally jazzes you, or a good a nap, if your company is progressive enough to allow that.

I always find the best step for me is to re-engage my brain in something intellectually stimulating. For instance, you can always review and refocus on important year-end goals to make certain you are well on your way to success. This can also be a perfect time to bring your team(s) together to renew focus and to remember to fully engage.

Game on… let’s go team!

PS – Most importantly, incorporate fun into your daily equation. Life is way too short to live without it!

By Mary Anne Wampler,