We’d love to introduce you to four vital members of the “behind the scenes” team here at Transform: Lucky, Louie, Ceci and Lambeau. Individually and collectively they add a lot of value and contribute immensely to our culture. Who knows, maybe you’ve heard one of our four-footed contributors during a call? Yes, they have been known to let out a “woof,” (or two!) from time to time. They all work from separate locations, except for Louie and Ceci who are both co-workers and roommates. One thing they all have in common: Having a “hard day in the office” likely means they’ve taken a snooze on the floor.

Here’s a little about our “Best in Show” Collaborators, here at Transform:

Lucky is four years old and Theresa rescued him when he was two. He’s not fond of loud noises and can be “stubborn as a mule” when it comes to taking a walk – especially if it is also raining. Lucky’s a keen observer. He’s happy sniffing the air, sitting and watching traffic and people go by, and rolling in the grass. He’s also very smart. He clinks his food bowl when he’s hungry and isn’t shy or reluctant to share his 9pm “lights out” bedtime routine.

Louie and Ceci are both friendly, happy, and always together. And, although Louie arrived “first,” in terms of seniority, you’d be hard pressed to convince Ceci that she doesn’t run the world. Louie disagrees. But, they find a way to make their relationship work anyway. These co-workers personalities just seem to bring out the best in each other. The duo loves to make Mary Anne laugh. They delight her and take turns being the “twinkle” in her eyes as regularly featured “super stars” in short stores from their favorite human – Mary Anne.

Lambeau is three and a half years old and is a mini Australian Labradoodle. His “daily deliverables” are taking walks, playing fetch and chewing on sticks. His “happy place” is at the lake on off-hours. He gets to run free and is also pretty good swimmer – you’ll find Lambeau riding on a boat, water bike or a jet ski with his family and he’s fond of floating on a raft while they all spend time on the water together. It’s not all fun and games for Lambeau he’s smart and loves learning and going to dog training classes with his mom. Last year he earned his “Good Citizen” Certificate.

Each of these important contributors has his or her own separate proven method of motivation and expressing joy. They collaborate with us, to show and teach ways to learn and find balance, work on our emotional intelligence and relational skills. What about your four-footed contributors? Post pictures on our Facebook page.