Have you seen an episode of VOGUE’s 73 Questions? If you haven’t, we really think you should. Really! Why? Because its a brilliant concept.

For decades, Vogue has been considered one of the most influential, thought-provoking brands in the world of fashion and the publishing industry. Their platform is known for placing fashion within the context of culture – and the world we live in.

Joe Sabia, the creator and director of the series, poses 73 spontaneous questions to celebrities and entertainers who then share their candid reactions. At first, the questions may sound ordinary and a lot like typical ice-breakers – what do you like … hate, etc. Along the way Sabia find ways to mix in a variety of unique questions, which leads to insights from the interviewees point of view. Part information. Part entertainment. 100% original content; because, after all, the people being interviewed are the best subject matter experts regarding their own stories. Each episode is filmed in a single seamless shot and lasts a little less than 4 minutes. The result? A masterful blend of preparation meets improv.

[At this point, you could be wondering, “What the heck does a rapid-fire celebrity Q&A video series have to do with running my business?” Keep reading.]

Here at Transform we know the power of asking relevant questions in client focus groups. When you take a deeper dive into your business — from the customer point of view — you can hear what your team is doing right and what needs to be fixed. The active exploration of the customer journey, means you get first-hand access to unfiltered stories from your customer. Asking questions gives you an excellent opportunity to form a powerful, action-oriented partnership between you and your customer.

Client Connections are an integral part of our service offering to help you build the best strategy as you gain actionable insights into what makes, or breaks, the experience customers have with your business and plan the work needed improve customer contact at all levels of the organization.

Time and again we’ve seen that customers appreciate an opportunity to tell you what they think. We facilitate focus groups and feedback sessions on your behalf that engage clients in conversations about what you can do to improve your business. You gain access to relevant, “insider” information about how they view their experience with your organization, your products and services. Giving clients a voice in your business makes good business sense, too. Hearing customer stories helps to provide better solutions and may even lead to developing brand new ones.

Are you ready to evaluate and adjust your client experience journey to be ready for 2018? Helping leaders advance their vision into action is our passion. Reach out to us. Let’s explore how we can work together to create momentum for your team. Let’s stay connected; be sure to “Like” our Facebook page.