Have you watched Meryl Streep’s “mic drop worthy” 2010 Barnard College Commencement Speech? Last week it began popping up in various social media feeds. Here’s the link to the Goalcast video. Sometimes, when content from a speech, delivered almost a decade ago, suddenly reappears it’s a special kind of magic, a tiny nudge from the Universe, to help us see and hear things with a little more clarity.

In these times of significant change and disruption Meryl remains both personally wise and professionally relevant. Why? Streep has a long track record of delivering. As an actress she is recognized for her consummate professionalism, drive and discipline. Combine all that with her fierce intellect and courageous ability to use her voice as a platform to share messages that serve to challenge, change and inspire others. That’s someone with significant brand power. And, in an industry that is constantly looking for the next, new, “sure thing.” Well, that’s more than just brand power – that’s resilience that’s making a real difference.

During the Barnard address, Meryl does not serve up the secrets to her success or tell the audience how to become famous. Instead, she shares her authentic reflections on her life journey as well as some tips and inspiration for how to best to embrace opportunities to “let your light shine,” personally and professionally, over the span of a lifetime. Here are two jewels from her address:

  1. “… but … really, there’s really is no normal. There’s only change and resistance to it, and then more change.” (2:10 – 2:17)
  2. “The door into this emotional shift is empathy, personal happiness. That comes from studying the world, feelingly, with empathy. It comes from staying alert and alive and involved in the lives of the people I love and the people in the wider world who need my help.” (2:55 – 3:14)

If you’ve ever seen James Lipton’s “Inside the Actor’s Studio” most actors share stories from when they were young, struggling actors – enrolled in acting classes/workshops or later when they more established and have done one-on-one work with an acting coach. It is an accepted part of their professional journey to continue to learn, practice and hone their craft.

Helping our clients embrace a growth mindset in order to be prepared for strategic opportunities is a cornerstone of our team’s practice. Much like an acting coach would focus on the timeless elements needed for an Oscar-worthy performance we guide growth. Although we may live, work and love in times that feel historic and in a state of dynamic change we believe results speak in business and in life.

If you are ready to empower yourself or your team we would love to collaborate with you. Send us an email. We will reach back out to explore how we can work together to improve your results and increase the bottom line at your organization that will help to serve you well for years to come.