The State of Sales Report

September 25, 2017 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips

Has your sales team prepared to shift to meet the changing needs of your customers? Have you reprioritized or adapted the team’s sales objectives for the next 12-18 months to take into account changing dynamics in your market? What issues are impacting sales performance levels? Have you considered the Big Picture view for your organization – like what does the future of selling look like in the “Age of the Customer?”

If any of these questions peak your curiosity take a look at these specific topics and many more sales industry trends by reviewing the second annual “State of Sales” report. Salesforce Research surveyed over 3,100 sales professionals across the globe to discover and present data regarding trends, strategies and tactics related to customer experience, sales performance and process. The report contains all the latest stats and data in quick, easy to read and digest snapshots – along with sales leadership insights – to provide current perspectives about what trends will define the next new era of selling.

Here are two key trends that are shaping the sale industry:

  • Customer experience is now the top sales benchmark/KPI (See page 10) and
  • Top sales teams that turn to productivity-enhancing technology and train together have higher levels of performance (see page 21)

Dig a little deeper and pay attention to other insights Salesforce presents on page 6 of the report to understand potential mindsets and motivations for your customers. Use the report data to help uncover and explore how you and your sales team may need to transform how your organization defines and drives customer success moving forward. Share the report with your sales team and then lead a conversation regarding their ideas to be more customer-centric. Another tip? Use the data presented on page 4 to better understand your high, moderate and underperformers in your managing your salesforce.

We recognize the world of sales is constantly changing. If you are ready to empower your sales team by partnering with Transform send us an email. We will reach back out to explore how we can work together to improve results and increase the bottom line at your organization.