Managing Career Transitions: From Student to Young Professional

September 18, 2017 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips

The first few weeks after Labor Day always signals change. Sometimes its when cooler temperatures show up but more frequently those “back-to-school” season feelings come to us as our day-to-day weekday routines change. Those conversations about summertime “sun-and-fun” shift to how to juggle time to meet the demands of homework and team practice schedules. “To everything there is a season … turn, turn, turn!”

So what about those young professionals who have recently joined your team? Just a few months ago they were excited to be “soon-to-be-graduates” and looking to land their first professional position. This is likely to be the first September they aren’t sitting in a classroom! Let’s face it, starting a career transition as a young professional can feel a lot like the first day of school – full of anxiety and plenty of unknowns – minus all those cute “First Day of High School” signs and Instagram posts!

Transitions are a crucial time. Feeling vulnerable during the first weeks and months of a position is natural and to be expected. We offer these tips and insights to help guide you. Remember, connecting is just the first step in the process of building the foundation of communication which leads to trust with the young professionals you manage.