I love watching the Summer Games to see all of the world’s best athletes compete against each other. In the past, I have focused on their athleticism and how strong their bodies are, but this year I looked at things a little differently. I heard so many of the athletes talk about what they sacrificed to be part of the team that represents their country. Missing homecoming dances, the birth of a child, grueling workouts, and staying away from their favorite junk foods. They make these sacrifices because they have a goal of making and winning gold medals.

This video of Michael Phelps really drives the point home. It gives us a glimpse at what he does to be the amazing athlete he is. The line near the end, is what gets me “It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light.” This goes for business too. We often see successful people and mistakenly think they are overnight successes. Why? Because we have not seen what they have done in the dark, and what they have sacrificed to be able to stand in the light

This hit home and I have evaluated my day to see where I can gain just one more hour a day to put towards my goals. With that hour freed up from things that could be qualified as wasting my time, I am ready to do the work in the dark to achieve my goals before the end of the year. Who is with me? What are you willing to do in the dark to achieve your goals?

Guest Contributor, Beth Schillaci