We were so excited to hear that Cassaday & Company, Inc., a locally-owned independent wealth management firm and longtime Transform client, was named one of the area’s “50 Great Places to Work” in the November 2015 issue of Washingtonian magazine.

Transform’s Chris Lachance caught up with Allison Felix, COO of Cassaday, to get her perspective on this award.


Chris: Allison, congratulations on being selected for Washingtonian’s “50 Great Places to Work” for 2015. I see this isn’t the first time Cassaday has received this honor.

Allison: Thank you. Cassaday has been lucky to receive many honors related to employee development and being a “best place to work” over the years. This is our 4th time being selected as one of Washingtonian’s “50 Great Places to Work.”

Chris: Your website says of this award that it “signifies our ongoing commitment to the professionals who make up our team. Our belief is that happy employees lead to satisfied clients.”

How does the “Great Places to Work” recognition support this?

Allison: While public recognition is great, Cassaday and Company has always aimed to treat its employees like family and I believe we still manage that even with our continued growth over the years. Supporting our employees in all areas of development is a top priority for us and working with Transform is one of our ongoing commitments.

As part of the award application process the Washingtonian sends an electronic survey to all of our employees asking them questions about Cassaday as a workplace. While the results themselves are anonymous, we are provided a snapshot of the feedback which assists with annual goal setting and planning and helps us tailor the questions we ask in our internal corporate surveys.  We are always developing and growing, and it’s good to get a feel for what the employees think, whether it’s new employees or people who have been with the firm for years. The survey helps keep us on our toes. It asks everything from how supported employees feel by management, to some seemingly silly questions about whether or not they like the coffee we provide in the office. It turns out there was a time they did not like the brand of coffee we provided, so based on the feedback, we changed it. It may be a small thing, but it lets our employees know they are being listened to.

Chris: Has your work with Transform, Inc., helped you to become a “Great Place to Work”?

Allison: Our business is in a highly competitive industry.  We must have a way to stand out and maintain excellence as our priority. It helps Cassaday to have an outside expert to assist with this.

Our firm is unique in that our employees get paid based on the top line revenue of the firm, so employees are hyperaware about improvement and creating better ways of doing things. They want to continually develop and progress.

Transform not only helps us set goals and develop plans for individuals, departments and the firm overall, but constantly pushes us to raise the bar on our performance, and keeps us looking out for how to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace, as well as keeping our employees happy, thriving and motivated. Continuing education, webinars, and shared best practices all contribute to this, too.

Like the investments we have made in our technology, continued education and office workspace, we recognize the value in working with consultants like Transform, who mind the pun, have indeed transformed our business.

With the help of Transform, we are able to continue to distinguish ourselves against the competition and hire and retain talented employees.

Chris: We’ve worked with Cassaday for over 20 years and we know that Cassaday & Company is a great place to work. Congratulations!


Many of Transform’s clients participate in local programs like the Washingtonian’s “50 Great Places to Work.” The driving force for doing this is a commitment to making their companies attractive, desirable and rewarding places to work. Because the employee surveys for these programs are anonymous, even if clients don’t win, the results they receive provide specific areas to focus on and develop so that the next time they apply, they win.

Take a look for one of these award programs in your area, and take the leap. You’ll be glad you did!