Monday Morning Wake Up Tips

Want Insight on How to Improve the Customer Experience? Ask For It!
November 20, 2017 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
Have you seen an episode of VOGUE’s 73 Questions? If you haven’t, we really think you should. Really! Why? Because its a brilliant concept. For decades, Vogue has been considered one of the most influential, thought-provoking brands in the world of fashion and the publishing industry. Their platform is ...
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Reflections on Time, a Transformational Tool and Our Purpose
November 13, 2017 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
“Time is the friend of the wonderful business, the enemy of the mediocre.” –WARREN BUFFETT It’s really a beautiful thing when you intentionally set a course to pursue a specific purpose that’s mixed with equal parts passion and then, are able to pause, look back and celebrate the successful ...
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The Power of Gratitude
November 6, 2017 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
“Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex.” –ALBERT EINSTEIN Can you recall the last time you paused to share a genuine moment of deep appreciation with a member of your organization? A heartfelt moment to thank them for their efforts and contributions. Was it last ...
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Shine Your Light to Stay Relevant
October 30, 2017 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
Have you watched Meryl Streep’s “mic drop worthy” 2010 Barnard College Commencement Speech? Last week it began popping up in various social media feeds. Here’s the link to the Goalcast video. Sometimes, when content from a speech, delivered almost a decade ago, suddenly reappears it’s a special kind of ...
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Want to Be an Employer of Choice? Prioritize Wellbeing
October 23, 2017 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
When most people think of what it takes to build a thriving workforce, retain and recruit top talent and be an employer of choice, the word “wellbeing” probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. The reality is, with nearly 70% of the workforce reportedly disengaged at work, ...
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The Revolution – Doing What We Can
October 16, 2017 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
In 2013, India mandated that companies of a certain size and profit level must give 2% of their net to charities. Meanwhile, back in the States, our companies are choosing to make a difference, unmandated. Personally, I like that plan better. More and more companies are using their voices ...
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Want to Increase Impact? Train Your Brain to Think Strategically
October 9, 2017 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
In theory, four simple steps ensure a great annual strategic planning process: Assess. Design. Build. Manage. Most folks are familiar with how it goes. Members of the organization’s senior leadership team meet as a large, formal committee, on a routine basis. The leadership team engages in complex discussions that ...
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Where to Next? Shaping Strategy in a World of Constant Disruption
October 2, 2017 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
Redefining how you approach strategy – during constant disruption and turbulent times – can feel overwhelming these days. We get it. However, no business can afford to ignore the importance of disruptive innovation. So, if you are curious and ready to rethink how you’ve traditionally approached the process of ...
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The State of Sales Report
September 25, 2017 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
Has your sales team prepared to shift to meet the changing needs of your customers? Have you reprioritized or adapted the team’s sales objectives for the next 12-18 months to take into account changing dynamics in your market? What issues are impacting sales performance levels? Have you considered the ...
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Managing Career Transitions: From Student to Young Professional
September 18, 2017 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
The first few weeks after Labor Day always signals change. Sometimes its when cooler temperatures show up but more frequently those “back-to-school” season feelings come to us as our day-to-day weekday routines change. Those conversations about summertime “sun-and-fun” shift to how to juggle time to meet the demands of ...
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